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Not only do we create and deliver software projects and products of value to our clients, but we also initiate, innovate, and produce our own Elder suite of products.

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We create software to address your business challenges and office efficiencies. If you don’t find one off-the-shelf that is specifically suited to your needs, then we can work with you to give you the technological edge with a tailored product. Organisations who digitise day-to-day processes and adopt software which focuses on efficiency, realise the positive impacts it can bring to their business.

Our first product is Clearooms, a workspace management tool for booking hot desks and meeting rooms. The Portal is where you can manage desk bookings by uploading your own floorplan and easily adding desks to it to be booked by users. This is also where you’ll find all of your settings and a calendar for an overview of all meeting room bookings. The Clearooms app is the frontend to the software which is to be displayed on any tablet device outside a meeting room. By integrating with Outlook or Google calendars, it will show clear room availability and instantly update with new or edited bookings.

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