One Year Placement
Join the Team

We are looking for talented developers to join our team to work with us over the coming year.

For the right developers there is the strong possibility of further employment over the following academic year, and possibly beyond.

The developers will work with our current team on real projects for real customers.

  • Duration: One Year, Full Time
  • Location: The Media Centre, Huddersfield
  • Start Date: Summer
  • Salary: £ Competitive
About the role

You will have strong development skills in a modern programming language such as Java.

Ideally you will also have experience of development using a modern MVC framework such as Laravel, Spring, Django, or ASP.NET MVC. It will be an advantage if you will also have a good working knowledge of HTML and CSS, coupled with a responsive framework such as Bootstrap or Foundation. You should be comfortable using source code control (Git) and will have some knowledge of the Scrum Agile Framework.

We will consider developers from any programming language background who consider that they can pick up and succeed with any development language.

More Information

This is a placement for developers. You will be writing code. All day, every day.

There are no menial tasks or manual data crunching for you to be messing around with. There are no spreadsheets that need tinkering with, or PCs that need software installing. You will have real development tasks, in a real development company, for real clients.

This is an excellent opportunity to build on your core technical skills while working on high profile projects through the full development life cycle.

We will expect you to be able to manage your own workload as well as take direction and work as part of a team. A strong background and natural talent in programming and software development are essential.

You have got to love code. Live it, dream it, love it!

What They Say

“If you want to see if software is for you, this is one of the most focused options you will find.”

“I really liked how after the first week I was already working on a project, not stuck in training.”

” I’ve be treated as a real member of the team, never been looked down on for asking newbie questions, and there’s always been a helping hand when I’ve needed it.”

To Apply

We have a development challenge for all applicants to complete which gives us a chance to see what you can do and provides a great starting point for conversation. The exercise can be found here. Once you’re happy with your application send a link to it along with your CV to

Ideally, your challenge should be hosted somewhere so that we can see it in action.  Also, we would expect that your code would be hosted on GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket or similar, in a private repository.  (We will send you details of an account with which to share the repo.)


We have no particular deadlines in mind, so if you can see this we are still interested in finding more people!

As a rough guide, we expect to start interviewing applicants around the end of January 2019, so applications should be with us before then.

We expect to make placement offers in February 2019. But if you’re the right person, we’re flexible.