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With the company growing at an incredible pace, we are looking for undergraduate students who are sharp developers to help us with a host of new and exciting projects for our ever-growing client base. If we find the right people our hope is that we will work with them through their final year, and beyond.

Code Challenge

“At Elder Studios our clients value high quality software solutions. Being able to focus on how to best solve the complex problems has been a great change to other companies where I have worked in the past. Elder Studios allows me to spend time finding the right solution to solve our clients’ problems. This has meant that I have been able to broaden my understanding and knowledge of the available solutions.”

Tony, Software Developer

Our Recruitment Process
Easy to follow steps
We will give you feedback on your development challenge, with a chance to amend any errors.
Will be held at our Huddersfield office. Relax, we just want to get to know you.
We will be in touch within two weeks to inform you whether or not you have been successful.