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We're Software Engineering Specialists

Whether you want to restore, rescue or update an existing pre-developed platform, integrate two or more individual systems, or build an entirely new suite of applications, our bespoke software development services offer feature-rich custom made applications.

In Summary
We are a single team with an extensive complement of skills which enables superior solutions to be delivered flawlessly

Most business systems are supported by a broad spectrum of providers, hosting providers, software development teams, network teams, Business Analysts, Project Managers, and more. These teams clash, disagree and cause confusion where there should be seamless service delivery.

Our choice of technologies coupled with our in-house expertise means partnering with Elder will eliminate these common frustrations and business-crippling conflicts.


The choice of programming language and framework is a hotly debated topic in any organisation or project. Between our team of more than 30 developers we have used them all at some point; it’s this diverse experience that helps us identify the optimal technologies for your job.

Our preference is Java with the Spring Framework as both have existed long enough to have a maturity suitable for commercial projects with a long term investment.  They also remain very popular with developers, thus ensuring a continuity of future resource is on tap.


Amazon Web Services (AWS) are our first choice provider for all customer developments and our own products and projects.

AWS is a global provider of Public Cloud services aimed primarily at software developers. As well as providing infrastructure, AWS provides a number of value-added services to developers and system administrators to enable cheap, reliable, scalable, flexible and cost-effective services.

AWS is the market leader in providing these services in the Gartner Magic Quadrant, beating both Microsoft and Google.

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Elder Studios is a team of enthusiastic and forward-thinking software architects, developers, designers, QA testers, maintenance engineers and system administrators. Together we make a great company to work for.

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